The Amazon is nature’s lungs that produce 20% of our planet’s oxygen. It is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. When the Amazon was reported being on fire, the whole world trembled. The #PrayforAmazonia surged on social media.

People who have the means made donations. Celebrities donated money to Amazon relief efforts such as Vanessa Hudgens, Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Mendes and many more. The wonder woman actress Gal Gadot had hired 2 planes with 100,000 liters of water to help stop the forest fire. They did different noble actions in their own way of extending help. When we had known the news, surely each of us wants also to help. The burning desire of extending a hand is in everyone’s heart. But we have limited means. People tried to do their part by sharing and spreading information through their social media accounts. With the hope that people who have the capacity will help and do something on it.

We don’t have an undo button in life but we can take action now for a better future.

As we travel and explore, the best places that we appreciate is to see the beauty of nature. Each one of us wants to be a steward of these beauties.  On the other hand, technology has become part of our life now. Every day we always do research for school papers, thesis, business reports, recreation. We sometimes search from movies schedule up to how to properly pronounce a word. It’s a bit funny, right? But it’s true!

As we now become heavily dependent on technology, why not plant a tree while researching? How? Through using Ecosia! It is a search engine that allows us to plant a tree while researching!

How does Ecosia work?

How Ecosia Works?

The following are their means of revenue:

  1. clicks on ad advertisements
  2. affiliate link
  3. their online store

Trust is meant to be earned. They’ve exercise transparency on their current status as they spread their mission to the world. Here’s their current financial report as of August, 2019.

Ecosia Financial Report

You can check out their previous financial reports here.

Up to date, Ecosia had 20 tree-planting projects in different countries such as:

  1. Peru
  2. Brazil
  3. Madagascar
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Haiti
  6. Colombia
  7. Spain
  8. Morocco
  9. Senegal
  10. Burkina Faso
  11. Ghana
  12. Ethiopia
  13. Uganda
  14. Kenya
  15. Tanzania
  16. Indonesia

They are working hand in hand with their respective local partners in the monitoring of the tree-planting projects. Currently, Ecosia users are planting 68,544,170 trees and counting.

We cannot save what we already lost, but we can plant a seedling of the future.

Do you want to make a difference? Make the switch now! Let us support green movements.

Visit Ecosia through going to

You may add Ecosia as a google chrome extension here.


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